BAJAJ 25 L Storage Water Geyser (Popular Plus 25 L, White)

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  • Storage Useful for Bathroom, can store heated water
  • 25 L Greater the Capacity, more the users can be served for bath/wash
  • 8 bar : Pressure rating >8 bar is suitable for High Rise buildings
  • Vertical : Suitable for large wall spaces

Enjoy hot water showers all year long with water heaters or geysers. If you love your long, hot baths throughout the year then you should definitely look into installing a water heater or geyser at home. However, most homes, nowadays, come with a gas geyser or a solar water heater, but you can always upgrade it to a newer and a better one. Check out a plethora of options online and get them delivered directly to your doorstep. Check out our online store and compare water heater prices with each other. There are several brands like Hindware, Bajaj, Havells, Lifelong, Flipkart SmartBuy, etc., that offer you an array of geysers in different shapes, sizes and configurations. You can easily get rid of body pains and fatigue with a warm shower. Usually, people carry their stress on their backs. Having a hot shower will help you relax and unwind. Moreover, getting a geyser will save you the energy of heating water on the gas stove. Check out reviews and geyser prices before you finalise on a product. This will give you a better idea of what product might suit your needs and requirements