Bestselling Snacks - Gift Box

Don’t forget to gift your loved ones the best-selling goodness of Snackible on their special day!

Here’s what you’ll get to make your joyous occasion, healthy, scrumptious & even more joyous:

  1. Almond Cookies 70G
  2. Baked Pizza Sticks with Cheesy Jalapeño Dip 75G
  3. Sriracha Quinoa Puffs 35G
  4. Cheddar Cheese Makhana 30G
  5. Nacho Cheese Jowar Puffs 35G
  6. Cranberry & Almond Bar 1PC
  7. Chocolate Bar 1PC
  8. Himalayan Pink Salt Popped Chips 30G
  9. Cheesy Jalapeño Quinoa Puffs 35G
  10. Jalapeño Ragi Chips 70G
  11. Peanut Butter Nankhatai 75G
  12. Peri peri Ragi Chips 70G