Buy Himalaya Liv 52 (Tablets - 100)


About Himalaya Liv. 52 DS Tablets

Liv 52 tablets are natural Ayurveda tablets that helps in various liver disorders. Liv 52 DS Tablets are natural gift of Ayurveda that supports the whole digestive system.

These Ayurvedic Tablets help every one in their daily habits of bad eating, intake of alcohol and fast food, which in-turn results in loss of Appetite, Gas, Indigestion, Acidity etc.

Himalaya Liv.52 Tablets are double strength Hepatospecific formulation that contains Caper Bush (Himsra) and Chicory (Kasani) herbs. The Caper Bush contains p-methoxy benzoic acid for increasing the functional efficiency of the liver. Chicory is effective in protecting liver from alcohol toxicity. Liv 52 DS tablet is a daily health supplement that protect the hepatic parenchyma and stimulate hepatocellular regeneration to increase efficiency of the liver.