Disinfectant Spray - 300 ml with Sanitizing Wipes - 30 Wipes

multi-protection solution for you and your family.


Product description

Size:300 ml (Pack of 1) | Design:Disinfectant Spray + Sanitizing Wipes 30

BodyGuard Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray for Multi-Surfaces, Alcohol Based - 300 ml
BodyGuard multipurpose disinfectant spray is enriched with Alcohol that kills 99.9% germs. The multipurpose spray is effective on diverese range of surfaces- hard and soft providing you a safe, germ-free and a healthy lifestyle. Features: alcohol based formulation, Effective on hard and soft surfaces like, 99.9% germ protection, Refreshing fruity fragrance, We can have one banner images which talks about all the surfaces.

BodyGuard Multipurpose Anti Bacterial Sanitizing Wipes, Alcohol Free - 30 Wipes
Bodyguard sanitizing wipes: these wipes offer a hassle-free solution for sanitizing different objects in your home and outdoors. With the goodness of aloe vera, these reduce the number of germs and are effective on different surfaces, ranging from your skin to door handles, kids’ toys, kitchen slab, tablets/ laptops, toilet seats etc. These wipes offer a convenient, multi-protection solution for you and your family.