Dr. WaterR Copper Water Dispenser: 1 Unit 1 U



Copper is among those metallic elements which are essentially required by our body for optimal metabolic process. Copper’s antibacterial property makes it totally unique. It is one of the metals that have the ability to kill bacteria and prevent our body from any sort of health risk or issue.

Key Features

  • Get the ancient experience with Health Choice’s Copper Water Dispenser.
  • Made with pure copper, this dispenser gives you Ayurvedic health benefits.
  • Designed to hold 4.8 Litres of water, it is solid and durable.
  • This dispenser container pot comes with a stand, so you do not have to worry about buying it separately.


  • Copper has potent antibacterial properties which means storing water in it will help in preventing bacterial contamination (especially when you want to store it for long periods of time).
  • Drinking from copper water dispenser could improve your immune system, aid digestion, iron absorption, maintain thyroid balance and other benefits.