Gilson Pearl Reversible 6 Inch Bonnell Spring & Foam Single Mattress


As our firstGILSONventure we bring you the finest Spring Mattress manufactured under a strong team of experience hands to give you products of excellence, beauty and comfort which takes 30% of your days time and is directly responsible for your active 70% of hard work. Made from the best spring material, shaped, and put together to achieve excellent basic formation guaranteed to give you a uniform comfort for years to come.

Pearl Series mattresses are the top selling sleep systems worldwide. The popularity of the -based sleeping system is due to its ability to adapt to body contours and maintain correct spinal position while we sleep. Mattresses are increasingly being preferred over Coir Mattresses and PU Foam mattresses. It is the oldest type technology and is currently widely used in the entry-level mattresses. These are used in the original inner- system, theyre joined together with spiral wires to form the unit. They compress quite easily at first but then get firmer the more theyre compressed (hence offering more support) resulting in soft but firm mattress. l s are hourglass-shaped, and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and self-tied. All the individual are then tied together using wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain shape. Advantages of Mattresses: Supports the Back: The most advantage of Inner mattresses is its ability to maintain our body contour while we sleep. Durability: mattresses when properly constructed can offer the same comfort for years together. Deterioration in comfort is among the lowest in mattresses when compared to Rubberized coin