Juârez Acoustic Guitar

About this item

  • Black Glossy Finish, Number of Frets: 18, Acoustic Guitar with strap, Bag, Strings and 2 Picks
  • Great looks with an innovative design to produce good quality sound
  • Finger board: Linden Wood, Fretboard - Ebony Wood, Size: 38 inches, Cutaway
  • Included components: Acoustic Guitar with strap, Bag, Strings and 2 Picks
  • Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Geared Tuning, Wood Frame and Steel Strings

18 Frets for Easy Learning

Featuring 18 frets, the Juarez acoustic guitar is the perfect choice for beginners who seek to take their guitar playing to new heights. Producing a highly accurate and pleasing sound, impress your friends and family by playing your favourite tunes on this guitar.

Comfortable String Height

The low action strings function reduces hand fatigue and is easy on the fingers making it ideal for beginners and building hand strength.

Smooth Tuning Pegs

Also known as machine heads or tuners, a good set of tuning pegs are pivotal to a guitar’s quality. Our pegs are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune.