Levanza Food & Herballs Tar Clean Lungs Detox | Lungs Detox For Smokers Ayurvedic Syrup| 225Ml

About this item

  • Offers Lungs Protection from Damage by Harmful Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke & Air Pollution
  • Helps Restore & Revitalize Health of Damaged Lungs Cells
  • Acts as a Decongestant, Increases Lungs Capacity & Promotes Easy Breathing
  • Provides Relief from Cough, Wheezing, Breathlessness, Fatigue
  • Beneficial for Smokers, Passive Smoker, Low Air quality Area Population, People with Breathing & Respiratory troubles


Tulsi, Long, Amaltas, DrakshaMulethi, Haldi, Lasun, Manjistha, Tagar, Trikatu, Kayaphal, Daalcheeni, Amalvatum, Talis Patra, Konkola