SKYBRIGHT Tripod Projector Screens


The Skybright Tripod Type Projector Screen is made of imported high gain fabric that has matte finish for better picture quality. It is white in color and comes with black borders. It measures 8 Feet in Width and 6 Feet in Height, and diagonally it measures 10 Feet/120 Inches in 4:3 Ratio picture format. The screen is made as such to reflect every bit of light that is falling on it, thus recreating a zoomed version of the picture that is being projected on it. It can support a picture format with 4:3 aspect ratio. This adjustable Projector Screen retracts smoothly and provides a properly tensioned viewing surface. Fold able, Mobile Tripod Stand is incorporated in the design enabling mobility of the Projector Screen and setting up anywhere on flat ground. The Skybright Tripod screen comes with a single tripod stand which can be erected on any flat ground surface.The screen comes with the heavy, durable and sturdy iron made tripod projector stand with black texture powder coating, the total weight of the product is apporx. 15 kg.

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