Spraymintt Mouth Freshener Icymint



  • Spraymintt is a one second mouth freshener that makes you kiss ready in just one second.
  • An innovative product which gives instant freshness with 175 sprays and available in 8 exciting variants Snauf shiver , icymintt , Elaichii , Chocolate , Cold coffee , Breezberry , orangwave and Thandapaan.
  • With its natural formulation and no side effects it is the best solution for instant mouth freshener.
  • Its natural, sugar free , alcohol free.
  • It’s better than any chewing gum as chewing gum can affect your teeth and in terms of grooming it doesn’t go in sync with the personality.
  • Its been widely used by youngsters , smokers and foodies.
  • With Spraymintt , just spray and get instant freshness and be kiss ready.