Unisex Razor Comb Multi-Functional Home Hair Cutting Scissor

About this item

  • Fed Up With styling, dull-looking hair, brittle locks and split ends? Then look no further. Stop the hair torture right here, right now, with this MUCH-MORE Razor Comb/Trimmer Comb. Enjoy healthy hair styled without spending a small fortune at the hairdresser’s or for styling treatments.
  • MUCH-MORE Multi-Functional Razor Hair Cut Scissor/Comb (Blade included) that can be used for shaping, layering, trimming hair and shaving as well.
  • Thin hair - use Fine teeth side | Thick hair - use Wide teeth side. Double-sided comb for thin or thick hair if you have thin hair, cut the delicate parts. If you have thick hair you can cut a lot quickly.
  • Great for shaping and cutting hair It is modern hairdressing appliance for easy and convenient use at home.
  • Blades are detachable and can be changed.