Willmar Schwabe India Gymnema Sylvestre 1X (Q) (30ml)


Symptoms for Willmar Schwabe Gymnema Sylvestre Dilution 30 CH (Mother Tincture)

  • Gymnema is useful in complaints of increased blood sugar levels.
  • It helps to improve the unhealing wounds that occur due to raised sugar levels.
  • Gymnema can block the absorption of glucose from the intestines and helps to reduce cravings for sugar.
  • Chewing the leaves can alter the taste of sugar and reduce the sweetness of the taste buds.
  • It has a diuretic effect to a certain extent and hence treats water retention and may help lower blood pressure.
  • Risk towards cardiac problems is reduced after intake of Gymnema.
  • Clinical conditions such as headache, vertigo, common cold, cough, diarrhea are relieved with help of Gymenma.